This Is Why You Must Buy Travel Insurance Before Your Next Trip

We’ve all heard about travel insurance but most of us don’t really know why it is so essential. And while in order to travel to some countries, travel insurance is a must, some others don’t insist. This raises an even bigger question on whether travel insurance is needed or not.

We’re hoping the following few points will help you make a wise decision.

Large expenses in case of Medical Emergencies
It is impossible to rule out medical emergencies. Injuries that require hospitalization or surgeries or any form of treatment in any other country can easily cost you your life savings. Even a minor dental emergency can cost you a minimum of Rs. 80,000.


Assistance and support for all kinds of Travel Emergencies
Emergencies can also include being stranded at an airport due to bad weather conditions and having to spend on food and stay till you get another flight out. You might also find that the airline has lost your luggage and without insurance, you never know when you’ll get it back.

Travel Insurance is Economical
While the cost of travel insurance depends on the country you will be visiting, it is very economical and can be purchased from a minimum of Rs. 350 with high covers. Buying travel insurance in the middle of your trip will entail you buying from a local vendor which will be much more expensive. And while travel insurance for domestic travel in India hasn’t picked up yet, you should buy yourself travel insurance no matter where you’re travelling to.

You can buy travel insurance online in the matter of minutes even on the day of your trip.

While buying travel insurance you should make sure you’re getting a good cover, especially medical. You can insure yourself for anything between 50,000 and 5,00,000 USD. Consider your age, medical conditions and other factors before making this decision.

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